Q & A



How Should I Book My Reading?

Please fill in the form on my website under "Book a Reading".  I provide readings on weekends and weekday evenings.  Or, you may text or call (206) 972-4612 or email me at ReadingsbyTracey@Zoho.com

What happens during a reading?

I begin my readings by connecting in with Spirit and passing on information to my clients that their guides feel is most important for them to know.  This information is pure in a sense because no questions have yet been asked out loud.  After I give my initial information from Spirit, clients are welcome to ask for clarification and ask any additional questions they have.  I've been told that after a reading with me, clients often feel a sense of peace because they feel understood on a soul level.

Should I have Questions prepared?

It's a good idea to have a couple of questions to ask, but not necessary.  Some of my most profound readings have been when the client has asked me to pass on information from their guides.  Oftentimes a client's questions are addressed without them having to ask their questions.

do you do healings for pets?

Yes, animals have energy bodies, and I've done energy work on them.  They often become very calm and relaxed during the session.

Can I do a reading by phone or skype?


I live in another country, can i have a reading?

Yes, I can coordinate an International session by using Zoom.