My Story


My passion for intuitive and energy work was with me throughout my life, but I just couldn’t see it.   I started out by taking a meditation course and then saw an intuitive life coach who introduced me to energy work.  She taught me how to draw in my energy field so it was closer to my body.  She also showed me how to shield and protect myself from outside energies.  I then met with an integrative doctor who was also an intuitive.  She told me that I was drawn to the light and was meant to be a lightworker.  I thought about the books and tv shows that I surrounded myself with and realized that it resonated with me.  I thought about the many intuitive experiences I had throughout my life.  While in Jr. High School it popped into my head our principal would pass away and he did.  Another time in my mind’s eye I saw a little girl fall off her bike and as I turned the corner I saw her on the ground next to her bike.  Sitting in Mass on a Sunday, I saw a beautiful purple and pink color surrounding the priest and couldn’t find a light source for it.  Later after the color went away, I realized I had seen the priest's aura (energetic field).  I often seemed to just know things without any explanation as to why, and friends would often come to me for advice.  

I began my spiritual studies by taking a course from the intuitive doctor. I enjoyed it, but after the program completed I strayed from my studies.  I hadn’t yet given myself permission to explore my spiritual gifts, and I worried about what others would think of me.  A couple of years later, I was reminded by another intuitive teacher that spirit was guiding me to provide readings and healing services to others. This served as a catalyst for me to finally give myself permission to open up to my true passion and fully explore my spiritual abilities.  

I enrolled at Psychic Awakenings school in Seattle and felt at home right away.  I absolutely loved learning the energy tools, healing techniques, and I strengthened my intuition.  I graduated from their 15 month Clairvoyant Awareness Program in July of 2016.  I continued my learning by studying under a very gifted psychic Reese SanAgustin; she has been an incredible teacher and mentor to me.  One of her gifts is bringing out what is special in each of her students.  Through Reese’s teaching and coaching my confidence in my reading and healing abilities grew.  I learned to fully trust the information I was receiving a number of ways - through claircognizance (clear knowing), clairsentience (clear feeling), clairvoyance (clear seeing), and sometimes through hearing and scent.  I saw the impact my readings had on people. Clients often told me about positive changes they made in their lives after a reading with me.  

While I'm reading I am able to see energy blocks and help clear them which can help people transform their lives.  I'm also able to give my clients energy tools to practice and use in their daily lives.  Checking in with our guides, ascended masters, and angels during readings can help us feel validated on a spiritual level.  Being a channel for this information is one of my favorite things to do and I am honored to now have a practice that allows me to embrace the fullness of my passion while being of service to others.